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Has the aim to document a maximum of the Marine Life in the Philippines. During the expeditions of Guphil I, Guido & Philippe Poppe started photographing systematically all marine creatures. This resulted in a fast growing library of documented digital pictures which is obviously important for many people such as zoologists, museologists, divers, photographers, and others.

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Today, the database contains 70,146 online images. This is the result of 1,850 dives. These images have been selected out of an average of 295,250 underwater shots. It took an average of 4,292 hours underwater which corresponds to 116 full time working weeks below the surface. 3,700 tanks were filled.



Guido and Philippe take the opportunity here to thank the following people who all contributed to the realization of the images and the POPPEIMAGES™ website:

The Crew:

Reynaldo "Andol" Docil - Captain of Guphil I
- Always takes care of all the cameras, flashes and batteries before and after the dives.
Pedro Arong and Philip Ochea - Divemasters
- For their courage during the hundreds of dives, often in hard conditions, often at night.
Edgar Garbo and Ranilo Torreta - Crewman
- They have spend hundreds of hours in the annex boat of Guphil I waiting for the divers to come up.

Graphic Artist:

Jocelyn Hermozada and Katherine Anne Densing

Jocelyn Hermozada kept order in the whole database.

All the collaborators who treated and documented the images: Sheila Tagaro, Eralyn Cuyos, Lourina Segovia, Katherine Anne Densing, Lilet Pila, Rocelin Avenido, Analyn Dahunan, Kristine Paredes, Lea Preglo, Jerlyn Sarino, and Julie Tabornal.